Friday, August 16, 2013

The Next "IT" bag from San Francisco

Looking at trends, I'm predicting that the Chrome bag will be the next fad that will spread from the west. Timbuk2 used to be THE bag for SF bike messengers before it became an office worker accessory.  Now SF bikers sport the messenger bags from Chrome Industries with the distinctive seat belt buckle for easy on/off and truck tarpaulin for weatherproofing.

It started in the Rockies and moved to its current home in SF (with factory in Chico). The SF store is out of the way but is a good source for customized Chrome Bags and has a large selection of their regular bars.

It won't be long till the bag catches on with the office crowd.

Why am I writing this now? Chrome Industries just turned 18 and the SF hub now has an anniversary sale August 17/18 with 20% all items and food/drinks. May be worth dropping if in the area.

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